Monday, December 19, 2011

Writing Prompt of the Christmas theme.

Often times, stories are inspired by real life events or use memories of real life. So tonight, let's use something from our favorite Christmas (or holiday if you don't celebrate Christmas) memory and see if we can use it in our writing.

For me I'm going to use the time that my favorite spent Christmas Eve shooting marshmallows at each other in my grandparent's birthday. Lets see...I could use it in a story where the characters practice shooting guns (cause they're spies) with marshmallow guns.

And for a favorite present, I'm going to say I'm using the life-size barbie doll I got when I was seven. I was really (and still am) small when I was little. I was small enough that I was the same size as my Rapunzel barbie doll. So I could use it in the story where the character programs a life-sized doll to switch places with her/him.

So what are your favorite Christmas or holiday memories? What was the best gift you've ever gotten/given?


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