Thursday, September 1, 2011

Book Review- Zenith

( From Goodreads) The thrilling sequel to internationally acclaimed Exodus.
In this compelling continuation of Julie Bertagna’s timely trilogy, the search for a future remains a terrifying fight for survival. Sixteen-year-old Mara and her ship of refugees are tracking the North Star in search of land in the mountains of Greenland to call home. A Gypsea boy named Tuck, orphaned when Mara’s ship plows through his floating city, becomes inextricably linked to their fate. Meanwhile, back in the drowned ruins at the feet of the towering sky city, Fox begins his battle with the cruel, corrupt rulers of the New World. Forced to make their own new beginnings in a savage world, three teens must struggle to make sense of the past, overcome the harsh dangers of the present, and build a future worth living.

At first the book was really good. Everything fit in well and I was not confused at all. When Tuck came in I was okay with it. But half way through...things got really weird.

The characters were all good and believable. I was upset when several of the characters disappeared or died. Tuck was a nice addition, Mara was wonderful as in the last book, and Fox was pretty good too. As were the rest of the characters.
 As for a larger scope on Tuck, I wasn't thrilled with his point of view, it was kinda rough and there are something about it I just didn't like. Maybe it was because he was new. I'm not sure. Anyways, I would have enjoyed seeing more of Fox's point of view. I would have liked to see more of what he planned to do and how he did that. I was sad when the old lady died although we knew for a while it was going to happen.

But when Mara suddenly got pregnant, then things just got plain confusing. I wasn't really sure who's child it was, but eventually it said that it was Fox's. But then I remembered that Mara had pointed out that they couldn't touch. So if they couldn't then how could Mara have had his child? Plus I couldn't even remember how old Mara was. I think she's sixteen but I'm not sure.

The plot was good and exciting, I rooted for the characters the whole time. Although the ending confused me too. What happened to Fox and his new friend? What happened to Tuck? And Lily...I'm not sure about her in the end. I thought that the struggle to survive was real and the emotions of the characters displayed as they went through the story.

Overall it was a good book and I enjoyed it. Although I'm going to say that Mara's pregnancy kinda ruined it for me. It was just plain bizarre and it seemed kinda random to me. Will I read the third book? Probably not.

On Goodreads: Zenith
Her Website: Julie Bertagna

So have you ever read a book where something happened and it seemed totally random? Did it ruin the story for you or not?


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