Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In the News- Football Teams Violently Attack Ref. and a Giant Crocodile.

During a Florida football game a couple weeks ago, one referee was violently attacked by first the coaches and then the teams after making a call they didn't agree with. The teams were the Sarasota Gators and the North Port Huskies. A somewhat disturbing video was shot by one of the onlookers. This video was turned over to the police and began a criminal investigation.

At first one of the Gators coaches pushed the ref, but then a player tackled him. Both teams suddenly rushed in, some tackling and kicking the ref, and others just plain fighting. What I find disturbing is that there seems to be no one coming to the poor ref's assistance. Eventually they break up the fight, but still it's pretty sad.

But what I find the most disturbing about this whole thing is the lack of respect between not only the teens involved, but the adults themselves. Is this really what our society has led to when it's okay for a coach to push a ref just because you don't agree with them and then let your team violently kick and tackle innocent people?

And to the coach who got all huffy and started this whole thing: it's just a game. It's not like one bad call will ruin anyone's lives. Sure they might be disappointed, but they'll live. And if you have a problem with a call, fighting will not solve anything.

I have provided the video here although I'm warning you that it's somewhat disturbing, not that there is any blood or anything like that but the ref gets brutally attacked. So if you don't like watching this kinda of stuff, skip over it.

Giant Crocodile Captured.
For some reason, in both In the News articles I've posted recently, they've all had to do something with animals. Hm...

Anyways, in the Philippines, villagers, veteran hunters, and experts have recently captured a 21 foot long (6.4 meters) male crocodile after hunting it for three weeks. The crocidile is now being thought to be one of the largest crocs captured alive in recent years.

The crocodile was seen having killed a water buffalo and is suspected in having something to do with the disappearence of a local fisherman back in July. The croc will be turned into the star attraction at a ecotourism park. After having destoyed four traps, the crocoidle was finally captured using a trap with steel cables.

The reptile weights about 2,370 pounds, and took around 100 people to pull it out of the creek where it was caught, to a crane that put it in a truck. It was then put into a cage in the area where the park will be built for animals found in the marhy land surrounding the town.

All in all, it turned out to have a happy end. The village, although still on the lookout for other crocodiles, is happy it won't have this beast to endanger anyone else, and the croc wasn't killed.

Articles Used for this post:
Coaches and Players Violently Attack Ref.
Giant Crocodile Captured Alive.

So, what would you do if a team suddenly attacked a ref over a bad call? Would you like to visit a giant crocodile in a park?


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