Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are You a Bubbling Fountain of Ideas?

Sorry for the odd order of posting that's been going on! I've been busy lately so I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd like and Blogger hasn't been working lately. But I promise, I'll get back to the regular order soon.

I've had a flood of story idea lately. While it's nice being able to think of stuff, it can also be a pain. What usually happens is that I'll come up with this great idea, write it for a little bit and then I'll get another idea and go to write that one. And you know what that leave me with? That's right...many and many stories that are unfinished. Or leaving me with five stories to write at once.

Thankfully now that school is out, I'll have lots of time to work on all these stories. I recently got an idea from Kelly Clarkson's "Don't Waste Your Time" for a spin on Sleeping Beauty. And I recently found a story I wanted to write at the beginning of the school year but never did because I couldn't think of how to start it. But now I know how to start it and how I want it to go. Another story I have to work on is one about a girl who's kingdom has been taken over and she's the only survivor left. Then there's one set in the future that I'm really far in and another book that's part of The High Prince series.

So now I have a total of about eight books to work on this summer. That being said, how does one handle so many ideas at once? I'm sure that's a question many of you ask when you're blessed with too many ideas. One way is that if you can't write some of them, you could ask your other writer friends or go onto a writer's site and offer it up for grabs. Or you could be like me and make a folder for each story, write a short synopsis and a list of characters for it and then work on it when you can or get the inspiration for it.

While making tons of folders for stories can be nice and "organised" it can also be confusing and a pain. But that's what I do. I swear I have a folder on my laptop for everything! School work, classes, all my books, pictures, poems, research, etc. You name it, I probably have a folder for it. And I also have some file boxes in my room for printed papers.

Another thing you could do, is write that short synopsis for the story, create a character list or whatever you need to do, and set the story aside until you're done with the story you're currently working on. While this is good too, by the time you come back to this other story you may realize that it isn't a very good story and you have just saved yourself time! Or you may still be in love with the story and you are now free to work on it as you want.

So what do you do when you get too many ideas? Have you not had a lot of inspiration lately (and if you haven't and have writer's block, try checking out my post on how to defeat writer's block for some helpful tips!)? Do you try to write everything at once or do you set any new ideas aside?



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  2. Hi Meenaxi!
    Thank you! I hope that this and other posts helps people with their writing and their lives in general.


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