Thursday, June 2, 2011

Having Fun...At School?

No, don't worry, I'm not going crazy yet. Well, I think so.

Tomorrow just happens to be my last day of school for three months. And I'm actually going to tell you that I'll miss school. Not the homework of course, but because of my friends and the excitement and interesting things that happen at my school. This week my principal made my New Testament teacher sit outside the parking lot after school holding a sign that says "SLOW DOWN". Which of course is just silly. Who on the last week of school is really going to care? No one! Duh!

We, more or less, had an interesting school year. Our new Old Testament teacher showed the freshman class what passover and other Jewish festivals were like. They even killed a lamb, cooked it, and hate the thing at school. It...made the school smell. Then we had a one minute fight in the lunchroom. One of my awesome BFs got to visit me and come to school with me. We had several speakers, an illusionist, and two plays this year counting the musical. We had prom, got the Sadie Hawkins dance moved to march (which I didn't go to cause I broke up with my date), and we had a new teacher come.

As for writing (Totally un school related, but whatever), I finished my first novel, started two more, got four different ideas for books, was able to talk to several authors, is having a very nice author look over one of my stories, I talked to an editor, and I brought many books. One of my friends is getting published and I started this blog.

As I look back at this school year, I can think of some things I would have done differently. For one I would have worked harder at some of my classes, and I would have talked to some more people. Next year, I'm taking some nicer classes like creative writing, drama, ceramics I, and hopefully choir. My awesome cousin is coming to my school next year, and we might have a class together. And hopefully I'll be able to start the student newspaper next year again too.

As for the seniors, some of my good friends are moving on. As is another of my cousins. Yes, all of my cousins has gone to the same school as I. Needless to say, my family has gained somewhat of a reputation with the teachers who have been there longer enough to teach all of us. One of my cousins, who just got married last year, told me that when she went there the students took three pigs and labed them " 1, 2, 4" so that when they set them loose throughout the school, people thought there was another pig.

Anyways, we set up the pictures and what people are going into on the Senior Board. There's quite a few students going into psychology, nursing, and the sciences. There's a student who's going to work with horses, another who is working with bio-communications, one with construction, and one who wants to work with journalism. One of my friends wants to teach English as a second language.

As for me, I have no idea what I want to do yet. Maybe journalism? Creative writing? I was thinking I would like to be a relationship advisor, or do something in history. Maybe even psychology myself. I do like doing some things with hair and makeup, so maybe a hairstylist? I certainly will do something with writing, but whether or not it's my major I don't know.

Anyways, what are some of your fondest memories of school? Do you miss it? Do/did you do anything fun over the summer? What about for work, what do you want to do for college? Or what did/are doing? What was the funniest thing that happened at your school?


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