Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review- Brain Jack

Las Vegas is gone—destroyed in a terrorist attack. Black Hawk helicopters patrol the skies over New York City. And immersive online gaming is the most dangerous street drug around. In this dystopic near-future, technology has leapt forward once again, and neuro-headsets have replaced computer keyboards. Just slip on a headset, and it’s the Internet at the speed of thought.

For teen hacker Sam Wilson, a headset is a must. But as he becomes familiar with the new technology, he has a terrifying realization. If anything on his computer is vulnerable to a hack, what happens when his mind is linked to the system? Could consciousness itself be hijacked? Before he realizes what’s happened, Sam’s incursion against the world’s largest telecommunications company leads him to the heart of the nation’s cyberdefense network and brings him face to face with a terrifying and unforeseen threat.

Brian Falkner, author of The Tomorrow Code, has created an action-packed and thought-provoking science fiction adventure in which a brilliant young computer hacker fights to prevent the human race from being deleted.

I found this science fiction/dystopian novel interesting. I don't usually find books where the main character is a hacker. But here's what I think.

What I liked: For some reason I've read two books recently where Las Vegas gets blown up by a nuclear bomb...I found it odd...Anyways, I loved the way Mr. Falkner describes what goes on inside a computer. It makes it much more interesting and fun. And even though I don't know many things about a computer I was still able to understand what was happening. 

I liked the world that's been set up, one where in post-Vegas nuclear bomb they have technology called Nuero-headsets that allow the user to have the computer inside his brain. I like how Sam understands the dangers of this technology later on in the story. The concept of it is cool along with how the internet could control you. 

When Sam's best friend died from gaming obsession I felt sad along with Sam. It wasn't fair! The character's emotions seemed to fit well with the story and I thought that they were overall well rounded characters. I thought it was surprising how when Sam escapes from the prison that Scullface turns up and saves him. And guess what, he's an undercover agent! I loved the first sentence of the books along with the prologue and epilogue. 

What I didn't like: I thought that Mr. Falkner could have done a better gone tying up the loose ends of the story. What happens to Vanessa? Does she survive? And I was confused about what really happened when Sam put on the end set in the end. And whatever happened to his mother? Did she put on a headset and become inslaved to the internet? 

At the part where Sam escapes we meet a boy who in there for robbing a bank. But later on he suddenly appears as another undercover agent. Sam doesn't seem to question this. He questioned Dodge about it but not his friend. 

I thought that it was kinda cliche and not surprising that Sam goes to work for the government as an agent. It reminded me of how the Supernaturalists enlist kids to work for them. It would have been more interesting and maybe less surprising if Sam went to work for the other side and then later turned against the terrorists. I'm getting tired of seeing bad kids turned good and going to work for secret government agencies. Lets think of something new people! 

Overall: I thought it was interesting and I good read. I'd lend it to you if you'd think that you would be interesting ed computer, hacking, mind control, and what not. The story kept me entertained and wanting to read more with enough action, mystery, and those quieter moments. 

So, has something of yours ever been hacked? If so, what did you do about it? Would you like a headset where you can view and control the internet and computer from your head? 



  1. Got your order! Just wanted to say: I love your blog title! :)

  2. Oh thank you! :) Thanks! One of the people on Inkpop helped me think of it.


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