Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interesting Facts- Wedding Customs From Around the World

Having hear about lots of weddings hear in the U.S all the time, I've always been interested in what marriage customs are like in other countries. Some of you who view this blog may be from some of the countries I am going to talk about briefly today while other may learn things with me here. I hope that if you see thing that should be corrected or changed that you would let me know so everyone can get the right information.

China- The traditional wedding dress is red, a color that is accosiated with good luck. The bridal dress is often decorated with phoenixeschrysanthemums and peonies; which are symbols of wealth and good fortune. The groom might wear a black coat over a robe with a dragon on it.
Japan- The bride wears a white kimono and a headpiece that is decorated with many ornaments that invite good luck to the couple. A white hood is attached to the kimono which is worn like a veil to hide her "jealousy" from her mother-in-law. The bride is also painted white all over. (Lots and lots of white)
India- Traditionally the brides will wear pink or red saris and wear as much jewelry as possible. They also are often decorated with henna. 
Tibet- A girl when she is ready to marry will often binitiated ceremoniously into adulthood. Their hair will now be put into many braids instead of just one and she will wear a colorful "apron" that tells everyone that she is not only ready to marry but form male friendships. Public gatherings are not only places for guys to meet girls now, but bonfires will often be a place for them to meet and have fun. (Of course, bonfires are fun where ever you go. Although I'm not sure if they'd have smores.)
Thai- In a marriage in this country, the bride and groom sit on the floor with their hands pressed together and linked by a chain of flowers.
Iceland- More than a century ago, brides would actually wear black dresses, although now they usually wear white with a veil; having adopted many American and European customs.
Latvian- During their wedding reception, the groom's groomsmen will "kidnap" the bride and make the groom pay a ransom to get her back. Usually ransom in the form of drinks is accepted although I'm sure they'd accept cash too.
Romania- Here girls start to plan their marriage when some are as young as six. (Although don't all girls dream of their weddings when they're young?)
Venezuela- Here the traditional thing to do is for the newly wedded couple to slip slyly away from their own wedding reception without saying any goodbyes because it is thought to bring good luck to them. (Quick honey! Use the back door before they see!)
Chilean- The couple wear their wedding rings on their right hands until after they are married, then the rings go on their left hands.
Belize- The bride will often dance or waltz down the aisle with her father or another male member of her family. (Now that sounds fun!)
Sudan- Here the bride will burn seven broomsticks which represent burning away bad habits.

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Now that you've learned some random and fun facts about weddings, what are some fun and unique things you've seen at weddings? Do you know any couples who have broken out of the traditional wedding style and done something different? What would you like your dream wedding to be like? Or if you were already married, what was that like? 


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