Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Review- Lords of the Earth

Engulfed in the darkness of Irian Jaya's Snow Mountains live the Yali, naked cannibals who call themselves lords of the earth. Yet, in spite of their boldness, they live in terror and bondage to the women-hating, child-despising gods they serve. Missionary Stan Dale dared to enter their domain and be an instrument to change their future. Peace Child author, Don Richardson, tells the story of Dale, his wife, his companions and thousands of Yali tribesmen in Lords of the Earth. This unforgettable tale of faithful determination and zeal against overwhelming odds brings unlikely characters together in a swirl of agony and bloodshed climaxing in a dramatic, unexpected ending. Readers will find their perceptions of how God moves enlarged and inspired by this classic story.

So yesterday I was going through my random stacks of books and bookshelves trying to find a book to blog about and I decided this one would spark some interest. I was given this book to me about a month ago by my history teacher. One of the reasons I find this book interesting is that not only does it talk about the lives of natives, called the Yali, of an island in Indonesia; but it talks about the missionary work of my history teacher's father (my history teacher was also born in Indonesia). Yep that's right, my history teacher's father is in this book along with some pictures of the tribes people and the missionaries with their families. Pretty cool, huh?

Onto the book, there is a preface, an intorduction, 4 parts, 20 chapters, a postscript, and a biblography. Part one is from the point of view of the Yali, while in part two we see alot about Stanley Dale. The last two parts are from the missionaries point of veiws. In the middle of the book we see the pictures. 

What I liked: I loved learning about the Yali's culture and reading about how brave the missionaries were including my teacher's dad. The story was very interesting and I liked how part of it was from the Yali's point of view and the other part of it was from the missionaries. 

What I thought could have been different: There were some points where I skipped over because I wanted the story to get to the action. I understand telling of the people's life stories but it got long at times. 

Overall: This was very good and I recommend it! 


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