Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the News- Another Collapsing Building...

Player gives big gift to grateful fan.
Warm-hearted soccer player, Eric Abidal, who is a Carcelonda defender, gave his Rolex watch to 15-year-old Jaun Garcia. Jaun has a brain tumor while last year, Abidal had a cancerous tumor in his liver. Abidal refused all attemps to give the watch back and told Jaun's father that his son's happiness was worth more than the watch. The soccer player went on to tell Jaun that,

‘Come, come, brother, I am here to give you courage. I am also fighting against this disease and will set up a foundation that gives joy and helps all the sick children.’

To read the whole story, click here.

Another roof fail...
Richard Zednik, a former NHL player, was in Námestovo, Slovakia on Sunday whe ice pieces from the roof began to fall as the training session was going on. As Zednik and the children present escaped, the roof od the ice skating building collpsed under the weight of ice and snow. Thankfully no one was hurt. Zednik probably best known for surviving a slashed throat in 2008 while playing for the Florida Panthers.

Read the whole thing here.

And watch it here:

This also reminds me of the story when Minnesota's Vikings' stadium's roof collapsed a year or two ago.

And yes it was an epic fail. Apparently this is not the first time it is happened to the Vikings, its happened five times before. Maybe its a sign... Also, they still haven't found the site of their new stadium.


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