Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing Prompt- Road Trips!

My other dream besides getting published is traveling the world. If you know me personally, you might know that I plan to travel the world after college (providing I have enough money and stuff). Anyways, a fun writing prompt might be to have your character do just that.

Get out your camera...
If your characters don't travel much, here's a chance to get them to do just that. Make a list of all the places your character wants to visit or doesn't want to. Then answer these questions as they travel there.

  • Who will they meet? 
  • How will the interact with the different people they come across? 
  • Will they take anyone with them?
  • What happens if they run out of money?
  • Where will they stay? 
  • How will they travel? By car, plane, boat, etc?
  • What will the bring along?
  • Will they try something new? Like a new food or go skydiving?
If your character lives in a fictional world, do the same thing, but in that world. Or have them visit this world. Whatever strikes your fancy. 


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