Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the News- Making a Cardboard Monkey is Harder than it Seems.

Its for International Week at my school. We're making pinatas. Its going to be a blue monkey and I shall take a picture of it for you when I am done. Anyways, I haven't blogged in the past four days because I've been busy sleeping and getting rested from finals.

Popular Websites Shut Down
Starting tonight or tomorrow, if you have a question or need to look something up, you'll have to wait till Thursday or just do it tonight. Wikipedia, Reddit, Minecraft, Craigslist, and other sites will be shutting down four 24 hours to protest two bills in Congress. Although Twitter will be up still. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and the PIPA (Protect I-P Act) are suppose to crack down on illegial sharing of content on the Web. But some people say that these new laws will be forcing sites to protal the online world.

Read the full article here.

British Airways cause panic acciddently among passengers. 

Traveling three hours into their flight, passengers flying from Miami to London on British Airways Flight 206, were shocked to hear that their plane was going to go down. The cabin went into panic mode as some started to cry and scream. But a minute later, another announcement told them to ignore the message. The flight then continued saftely to London where upon disembarking, the passengers were handed letters apologizing.

It is unclear whether the pre-recorded message resulted from human error or a computer malfunction. In any way, it is not the first time this has happened. In August 2010, 275 passengers were faced with a similar sitiuation while flying from London to Hong Kong.

To me, a simple letter is not enough. If that happened to me, I'd be terrified out of my wits. Although there's not much else the service can do expect a refund...and I doubt they'd do that considering the flight went well.

Read the whole thing here.

Its raining apples by Job!

On Dec 12, (and yes I'm just getting to this), more than 100 apples mysteriously rained upon a small British town. The apples covered 20 yards of city streets and windsheilds of the cars stuck in rush hour traffic. Upon hearing the news, many people compared it to the Bibical stories of raining frogs. But it was not anything otherworldly as some people believe, at least in this case, it was due to the fact that strong winds have been known to pick up objects and transport them many distances.

For example:
The BBC offers a roster of pertinent examples:
Frog falls were recorded in Llanddewi, Powys, in 1996 and two years later in Croydon, south London. In 2000, hundreds of dead silver sprats fell out of the sky during a rainstorm in the seaside resort of Great Yarmouth.
There have also been maggot downpours--in Acapulco in 1967 and during a yachting event at the 1976 Olympic Games.

Does anyone remember the occurrences last year when flocks of birds fell form the sky twice? Or how about this, in the 1800s, it was reported that millions of grasshoppers would seem to "fly" across the Midwest US and eat everything in sight. Apparently, these grasshoppers would get caught up in storms and end up other places. Read the whole article here.

Missing teen wrongfully deported. 

Jakadrien Turner, a Dallas teen, ran away from home in the fall od 2010 when she was fourteen. Now a year later, she's been found living in Colombia. Apparenlty she was arrested in Houston when she gave the police a false name. But this name just so happened to be the same name as a 22-year-old Colombian who had been living in the US illegally. And to make it worse, Colombia had a warrent out for the woman's arrest.

And so without furthering checking her identy, the fourteen-year-old was deported wrongfully in April 2011. Her grandmother is very angry and had been searching every night for her granddaughter on her computer. Jakadrien is now waiting for more information on her case in Colombia. And all I can say is maybe she'll learn its best not to run away from home. Read the full article here.


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