Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Blog News

As I mentioned when I first started doing blog news, I would do one at the end of the year with the facts since I started the blog. Well here it is. Complete with some of our biggest news...

Blog Started
On April 15, 2011, the Birds of a Writer blog was offically started.
Blog post: Welcome!

New Design
After months of boring regular blog designs, with me changing it every few weeks, I contacted a fellow blogger to help. And wow did she ever do good!
Blog post: Epic New Design!

Two Guest Bloggers
For almost more than a month, we had two lovely guest bloggers: Paige and Jessika. Sadly, they no longer blog here but they provided lovely posts. Thanks guys!
Blog posts: Please Welcome...Jessika! & Welcome...Paige!

Liebster Blog Award
Several months ago, this blog was nominated for this blog award. To do so you have to have a blog with under 200 followers and be awesome. I also nominated some of my favorite blogs.
Blog post: Liebster Blog Award

Random schedule changes.
You guys are awesome for patiently dealing with my weird and random changes. From game nights to book reviews twice a week (supposedly four a week, but I haven't been very good at that). And dealing with my random absences (I like to post every day).

Two stories posted. 
A short story I wrote that I posted on Halloween and a story one of my best friends wrote have been posted here.
Posts: In a Tree. [A Story]  (Mine)
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Silver Chalice. [A Story] (one of my best friends')

Writing Related...
Okay so I never really posted about this except in one of the news issues...Anyways, if you look near the bottom of the left side column, you'll see two little green bars. These bars say how far I'm done with two of my stories. "Night Lies" and "The Cursing". I've actually mentioned these before and posted a little excerpt in a couple of posts. I've another story I haven't talked about much, "The Prophecy", which is a rewrite of a novel I finished last year (January that's so weird! Seems like it's still 2011...). Night Lies is a futuristic-sci-fi-thriller while The Cursing is a fantasy-romance-horror novel. The Prophecy is a high fantasy (or is it epic fantasy...I can't remember) romance. Also, I entered my first writing contest!

Pen Name changed.
For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, you know that I haven't always been Sareh. Nope, before I was Peony, but now I'm Sareh.
Post: Pen Names and Mine

Facebook page
If you haven't already followed our page, please do so!

And Most Importantly...
You guys! As of this post, we have 32 members and I couldn't be happier! I'm so thankful that you guys follow my blog and support me in this simple way. So thank you!

I provide stats for your enjoyment and interest.

Members: 32

The History and Usage of Codes.: 657 pageviews
Poetry:  Shape : 200 pageviews
Doggies and Music!: 174 pageviews
How to read and write in roman numerals. .: 147 pageviews
J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter's New Adventures.: 95 pageviews

Resources: 105 pageviews
Archive: 100 pageviews
About the Author: 89 pageviews
Writing Prompts: 66 pageviews

Search Keywords:
Merry christmas: 34
code pigpen: 31
secret code alphabet: 31
morse code chart: 29
shape poems: 29

United States: 6,404
United Kingdom: 542
India: 362
Canada: 244
France: 194

Chrome: 4,616 (46%)
Internet Explorer: 2,429 (24%)
Firefox: 1,617 (16%)
Safari: 921 (9%)
Mobile Safari: 153 (1%)

Most Comments:
Scoliosis- 12

Thanks so much guys! It's been wonderful blogging for you last year (2011) and I hope to continue doing so this year.

With love and best of wishes to all of you,

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