Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Epic New Design!

Thank you very much to Qui for the beautiful blog design! I'm still looking around at it all and it's certainly better than anything I could do!

Qui has a blog for custom blog designs so if you'd like to see some more of her work or ask for your own, you can visit her blog here: http://dandyblogdesigns.blogspot.com/

So what do you think about the new design?


  1. I love it! I've been waiting for a spot to open for my site!

  2. Thanks, I know, right! :D Trust me, I think it's worth the wait. I mean, look at this!

    Anyways, Qui asked me if I'd like posting signatures, I told her I'd like one but I was wondering what you and Sunny think about it?

  3. Sweet, I'll message Sunny on Inkpop and ask her opinion. :)


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