Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scientific Flair

Well I have just found the song I am a girl which is the Girls with Glasses Show Theme Song (check em' out on YouTube) and they talk about famous women. One of my favorites is about Marie Curie (or Madame Curie).
Here are some of the things she did.....
  • In 1898 in Pairs she discovered to new elements, radium and polonium.
  • Which then lead to her conjuring up the word radioactivity.
  • A year or 2 afterwords she got the Noble Prize for Chemistry and then for Physics.
  • What some may not know (or bothered to learn..yeah you) was she was born as Maria Salomea Sklodowska in Russia.
  • Her husband (Pierre) died in a street accident.
  • Then, ironically, she died to over exposure to radiation. She died at age 66.
Well I hoped that opened your mind, I guess. At least now you know 6 new things the women who opened up new fields of medical research. 

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  1. She had a long name! O.o I remember we briefly studied her in World History this year but we didn't learn much. Oh and I think we talked about her some in Chemistry but I'm not sure.


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