Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream

Who recognizes that from Sharkboy and Lavagirl? No one, ok...
Anyway! What do you know about dreams? They are pretty interesting!

1) As a lot of you have probably figured out you forget 90% of your dreams in just about 10 minutes. Which really stinks because sometimes they are really funny :D

2) We can't make up people in our dreams apparently. We can only see people we know. But you may not recognize them and think they are strangers (I've seen a YouTube star in one of my dreams was creepy).

3) Apparently dreams are symbolic. They speak in some sort of symbolic language. What is a rubber band monster suppose to symbolize? Also if you hear something in real life that will be incorporated in your dream. You might have experienced this with your alarm clock.

4) Here is something I found pretty neat. Animals dream too! Scientist did studies that show animals have the same brain waves as humans when sleeping.

5) Everybody Dreams, just not all in color. Around 4% of people under 28 will dream completely in black and white. And if you don't think you dream, YOU'RE WRONG! Well you are, unless your have a severe physiological problem you most likely just forgot.

6) The 2 most common dreams are falling and being chased. But me personally have never dreamed about either those (oh scratch that when I was younger every night I dreamed of being chased by a different made up monster).

Well there you have it! Some weird facts about dreaming. I found most of them pretty interesting. So what is your weirdest dream?


  1. Great Post!
    Actually most of my dreams consist of either me dying, or someone else dying. That or something really weird. So if dreams are symbolic of something, they're probably trying to tell me that someone I know will die sooner or later. O.o This is why I hate dreaming.

    I've actually gotten story ideas from dreams. And I've tried to write down my dreams of late. And I KNOW that my dog dreams because she once was growling in her sleep. It was SO funny!

  2. The second time I ever slept over at one of my cousin's house a couple years ago, my little cousin fell asleep and started yelling "no no no no no!" and thrashing around.
    I have a bunch of falling and being chased dreams! I dreamed the other night I was running around the countryside being chased by Clones from Star Wars.
    Sorry I just have a lot of weird dreams and stories concerning dreaming...

  3. I have never dreamed of falling, and it is common! I find that weird. All my dreams are pretty crazy and I don't see how they can be symbolic

  4. Lucky. I've had several dreaming where I end up falling. It's scary. I heard that if you die in a dream you'll die in real life because your brain thinks its real.

    I heard that this one woman kept on having dreams where she'd get shot in the chest every night or something like that. Then one night she died in her sleep from a heard attack. Or something like that. Apparently when she was being shot in her dream she was having heart attacks or something while she was sleeping.


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