Sunday, July 3, 2011

The History of the Photo (Photo Week)

In our time and age you can experience almost anything. With photos we can travel to distant lands, see cultures we could never see ourselves, and open up a new world to us. They provoke thought and mystery. Help people connect and remember, So, where did photos start and how?

Photography: Throughout the Years
  • 1826: First permanent image
  • 1839: First photo of a person
  • 1847: First photo of lightning/ first photos of war
  • 1858: First bird's-eye view
  • 1861: First color photo
  • 1878: First action photos
  • 1884: First tornado photo
  • 1909: First photos of the north pole
  • 1912: First Photos of Machu Picchu
  • 1926: First underwater color photo
  • 1935: First high-altitude photo
  • 1940s: First high-speed photography images
  • 1946: First photo taken from space
  • 1949-'56: First survery of the night sky
  • 1960s: OceanEye Invented
  • 1962: First all-color
  • 1985: Discovery of the sunken Titanic
  • 1991: First digital still camera
  • 2006: First digital camera trap

 For a better timeline that's interactive and explanations: Timeline of Photography

In honor of photos, I will be posting pictures all this week. Today you can suggest what photos I should post here in the comments but please remember that I won't do anything disturbing or bad. It can be funny, beautiful, moving, etc. Or it can have something to do with a certain topic. And I'll try to blog about that topic if you'd like too.

Sorry for the really short post today, I'm quite busy with the 4th of July tomorrow and helping with fixing our kitchen. But I hope that you at least find the interactive timeline cool.

So, do you have a camera? What kind? What's your favorite photo? Does it have a story behind it?


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