Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please Welcome...Jessika!

Yes, I am excited to welcome our new guest blogger Jessika and I hope that you'll join me in welcoming her to our little nest. Let's give her a warm welcome, a round of applause (or as my religion teacher says, "Three claps!") and thank her nicely.

Here's a little information about her.
Jessika, (I think has a really cool spelling of the name) has her own blog and is a regular member of Inkpop. Jessika will be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays so keep an eye out for her posts. She's also a fellow writer too and we all know that's really cool.

What's she writing? Well according to her blog, she's working on two projects Escaped and Wanted: Dead. Hopefully we might gain a little knowledge about what her books are about as we meet her some more. Or you could always take a peek at her blog too. 

Anyways, welcome! :D I and I'm sure some of the other Birdies wish you will have fun blogging with me and filling our heads with interesting things. Thanks for joining us! :)


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