Friday, July 8, 2011

My Favorite Color Is...(Meanings of Colors)

Well, I really wanted to do a post on colors. I'm not sure if any of you will find this interesting, but I do!

Many people have either a favorite color or several. Mine happens to be purple with blue being the runner up. Then I think it would be green. Besides having a favorite color, color can make a room appear larger or smaller, make you look good, have a meaning, and is known to have influenced people.

Plus humans are the only species on earth that can see all the colors. Some animals may only be able to see certain colors like red but even then we're not sure.

Colors and their meanings

  • Yellow- This is a color known for happiness and optimism. It is known for helping with creative thinking, sharper memories, and creates positive thinking. During the Chinese dynasties of the Qing and Ming, yellow represented them because it was thought to be a color of heaven. All the roofs in the Forbidden City were painted yellow. Jews wore yellow stars in their clothing during WWII. 
  • Green- Being the second most popular color, green is a color we see everywhere. Because it is the color most often seen in nature is represents nature, life, growth, and learning. It is a relaxing color that soothes and is known for harmony. Green is used to represent safety and when most people see green they think of St. Patrick's day and Ireland. The Aztecs thought it was an important color for their royalty because it was the color of the Quetzal bird. 
  • Blue- The most popular color. This is the color of the sky and ocean (the ocean being this color because it is the only color that reflects of off water and the sky being because it reflects the blue given off by water in the air). Blue often invokes feelings of resting and calmness and is also often seen as trustworthy, and dependable. It can also be associated with the cold and uncaring, but it can invite communications. 
  • Purple- This is not only my favorite color but is a mixed of red and blue. Purple symbolizes royalty, magic and mystery. It's known for its calming, yet for causing uneasiness. It's most favorite by creative people, girls, and the ancient peoples. It has been used in some countries as a color for mourning, represents gay peoples, and it is the color of the U.S award, Purple Heart. 
  • Pink- Is often the first color people think of when they think of little girls.  It is also associated with romantic feelings, love, and youthfulness (One of the reason I cleaned out my closet of anything pink a couple years ago. It was also the color of my room as a child. That and unicorns). This color is also associated sometimes with sugar and sweets and is occasionally used in prisons because it promotes friendships and discourages violence. 
  • Red- This color is often what we think of when people are angry, it is the color of passion and love, and is associated with fire. In China it is a color of good luck, in India the red dot on someone's forehead is meant to bring goodluck, and the Aztecs symbolized it with blood (I do that too, I think of blood and red).
Well here are just a few colors. If you'd like to learn more about colors and everything that goes with them, here are some links. 

So, do you have a favorite color? Do you switch colors? Is there a reason why it's your favorite? What color do you dislike the most and why?



  1. My favorite color is green. But I used to be OBSESSED with pink for years!

  2. Awesome! Oh gosh I remember being obsessed with it too. ALL my clothes when I was little was pink except for a few dresses. It was insane. I once wore a WHOLE entire outfit made out of pink. Pink shirt, pink pants, pink necklace, hair band, socks, shoes, etc.


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