Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dating Customs

Ok so you probably assume that people date the same way around the world. At least in most parts of the world, I did anyway. But they are many different customs in different countries on how teens date. So where should we start?


This in my opinion is the most normal out of all these countries. They will date in large groups and don't actually pair off until they are about 18. The girls will ask the boy to pay for the date and when they are paired off they will commonly go to the beach or barbecues. 


So in most parts of Europe they go out in groups. But there is some specific parts in Europe that do things each a little different.
Finland: 30 or more teens will go to a movie together. That is  a l o t!
Italy and Switzerland: They will go to slumber parties together. So they party and sleep at whatever house they are at . . .
Spain: Here teens join in a pandilla. It just a basic club of people with similar interest. So most of us would be in a writing pandilla :D. Theirs would most likely be something like hiking though. Their dating is now more like ours, they do it as one on one and split the bill.
Russia: Russian teens will meet downtown or by a fountain. In larger towns they tend to go to clubs and parties.

Central and South America

You can't date until 15 in South America. When they are 15 they date, like most teens above, in large groups. They go dancing on weekends or go out and eat.


You might be able to guess, dating here is rare. All most all of the marriages are arranged. It is already hard for boys and girls to meet since girls curfew ends at 7 and boys is at 11.

Japan and Korea

In high school the teens study (not surprised) instead of going out to dance and what not. The real dating begins when they are in college but only the boys can ask out the girls and they have to pay for the date.


Lastly there is Iran. Dating is forbidden. Boys and girls are separated their whole lives and then they are introduced which in most cases leads to marriage.

Hows that for dating. Most countries seemed to like to date in large groups, which kinda defeats the purpose. So I still prefer the American way. 


  1. I'd hate to live in a country where I can't meet any guys and the guy I marry is some dude my parents picked out.
    ...We should start a writing pandilla in America! lol

  2. Very interesting. Although, you didn't include America. What is dating like in America?

    I'm not trying to be funny, I actually have no clue. In my experience you meet a guy in your college physics class sophomore year and go out with him for at least a year and a half. Is that dating? Although my old friends like to go to places they call "clubs"....

  3. Right, America isn't included. Hm...I'll go look that up!

    Well I would consider that dating. I um, "dated" this guy in my class for almost a year before breaking up with him.

  4. Booklover: I found some articles that might help. Just let me know if that's not what you're looking for and I'll do some deeper digging. :)

    Part 1
    Part 2

  5. Those two Boundless articles were really informative, thanks. It's so weird to see how dating has evolved. One of the main reasons I read some historical fiction books is to see those type of relationships and how they form differently from the way they would today.

  6. Your welcome, anytime. It is weird. I think it's interesting to see how people viewed relationships and what was proper and what wasn't back in the past- like you said.

    And while I do think we have lost a lot of dating traditions, I still sometimes see them. My stepdad holds the door for me and my mom all the time and I normally don't see guys doing that these days.

  7. I agree, there are some little "chivalry isn't dead" type customs that we keep. Guys hold the door for me all the time :) And flowers. I think guys give flowers to girls just as often as they used to.

  8. Aw that's sweet. :) Guys around here are okay, they hold the door open sometimes but that's the most it usually gets at school.

    I haven't gotten flowers as much as I'd like to, but when I've gone one a couple of dates the guys I've gone with usually insist on paying for whatever or they make me split it if I insist on helping to pay.


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