Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You do know we seperated from Great Britan, right?

Woo! Jessika here, first post! Nice to meet all of y'all virtually!
Well as my geeky self tends to do, I read TIME magazine. I also have their app and a couple days before Independence Day they posted an article. Here is the headline: America the Baffled: 1 in 4 Americans Doesn't Know The Country from Which We Broke Free. I find that a bit, well baffling! And for you percent freaks that is like 28% or so of Americans. 
See if you can answer these 2 questions without cheating.
  • From which nation did the U.S. declare independence?
  • In what year did we declare our independence?
Now I was close on the 2nd answer, I said 1773 but it is 1776. Not bad considering a little over half (58%) of Americans got that right. It turns out older people compared to the younger and men to women were more likely to give correct answers, so old men know a lot of America! So most Americans (76%) know we declared independence from Great Britain and about half of us (assuming Americans are reading this) know the year. Go quiz your parents, friends, siblings and see what they know. Feel free to post a comment with what their answers were.

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  1. 1 in 4 Americans? O.o that's insane! I heard that a large percentage of Americans can't tell you the first five presidents. I love reading Time magazine! I don't get it, but my school orders it so I'll read it there alot.

    But great post! My family all knows we broke off from Great Britain but they had a little trouble saying which year we declared our independence.


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