Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello Jeans!

Time for the history of the jeans! Don't hate me but personally I hate wearing jeans, I don't even own any. But they are popular and a fashion trend that never faded.

Our first stop is in the 18th Century. Some American Mills started making durable jeans for workers. Nothing special.
Now we are in the 19th Century. This is where the dry-goods maker, Levi, started making "waist overalls". Thank goodness they came up with the name Jeans later! These early jeans came very popular with gold miners.
Welcome to the 20th Century! Men started wearing the pants, still called Waist Overalls. Popularized by the 1930 hollywood cowboys.

Time to get specific. It's the 1940s and men that go overseas are packing, still waist overalls. Which make them a hit in Europe. And here comes Lee and Wrangler with their own jeans.
1950! Thanks to James Dean (woop woop) jeans (yes there is finally a name change) represented teen rebellion. Some schools started banning them.
The 60's. College students start personalizing their jeans and in the 80's designer jeans are coming out.

Now jeans come in a load of possibilities. So did you learn something? How many types of jeans do you got? Or are you like me and hate wearing jeans (I can't be the only one).

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  1. Waist overalls? O.o Oh thank goodness it's jeans now!
    Speaking of jeans, I know a girl who's middle name sounds like the word "jean" it's kinda amusing.


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