Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In The News- The Horror in Norway

In a horrific attack that has shocked people across the world, the most recent attack on people has come not from a terrorist attack but from one man bent on destroying democracy.

The man was not a man from another country, but a native from the country he attacked. A threat from the inside. Earlier today his lawyer told us that he could very much be insane. According to his ex-stepmother he never showed any signs of planning a mass murder that would result in the deaths of ninety-three people. Anders Behring Breivik  is reported to having been a happy and well behaved boy as a child. When his ex-stepmother saw him ealier this year she said that he had told her that he was working on a book that he was very proud of. 

This book, a 1,500-page manifesto, written in English, laid out his plans for the onslaught and described his reasoning why. He says that he was calling attention to the Muslims living in Europe and how he wished to get them to leave. This reminds me of the Holocaust. 

On Friday, Anders went to a government building in Oslo and set off a car bomb that blew out all of the windows in several buildings and killed at least seven people. Two hours later, dressed as a policeman, he arrived in a political youth camp where he called the campers to him. He told them that he was making rounds because there had been a bomb explosion ealier in Oslo. While the youth and their leaders tried to make sense of this, he opened fire on them. 

After first shooting people with a machine gun, he then shot his victims twice to make sure that they were dead. One girl said that he opened fire on those on land before starting to shoot those trying to swim away. 
When police finally arrived, Anders surrendered. He was taken to jail  and interviewed. When asked how he views himself, Anders replied, "As a savior, some kind of savior." 

Firstly how is killing innocent people going to help anything? And there is nothing wrong with Muslims living in Europe, if they want to live there go ahead. But killing and violence does not solve anything. All I can say is, what a sick, twisted person he must be. 

On another side note about this, one of my cousins pointed out that the survivors will probably never fully trust a policeman they don't know. And they will always be haunted by the memories of the friends and family dying. How can this man say that he did a good thing? I hope that this man is locked up for life and someday realize the effect of his actions. 

I feel horrible by the news of this event. And every victim's family has my condolences and sympathy. While their friends, children, and family can never be brought back, I hope that they get find some sort of peace. I'm praying for those who have been hurt or lost by this horrible event. 

Anyways, I don't have much to say but rant. May God be with those who are in need of His strength and peace. 

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So what do you think about this? Do you know anyone personally who in Norway? 



  1. I would still describe him as a terrorist.

    On the not trusting a policeman/woman, I agree. These people are going to need lots of therapy.

  2. I think he is certainly a terrorist too. Anyone who attacks people like that on a mass scale I think would qualify as one.

    Gosh, yes some of them are probably going to need therapy for a long time. The survivors sounded really brave in the witness article. I mean, this one girl hid behind a rock less than a few feet away from the shooter and called her parents. I would have been terrified out of my scull!

  3. He's apparently being held in an ex Nazi-concentration camp.

    I know. Some people climbed trees even though one of them had been shot in the foot. It must have been so hard to keep quiet and not cry or scream in pain!

  4. An ex Nazi-concentration camp? I hope its well guarded. I read that he's part of some group called the Knights Templar or something like that. But the group didn't have anything to do with the shootings or car bomb.

    Ouch! I can't even imagine how horrible that would be! I don't think I could have not screamed if I had been shot.


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