Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Quick Announcements...

Okay guys, I've been some small changes to the blog.

  1. The Archive page has finally been updated. Yeah, I forgot to update it all month. Epic fail. 
  2. Another Epic Fail: I haven't changed the "What I'm reading now" & "Upcoming book" widgets in forever. I've read three books this month. 
  3. (Okay not really a change, but...) I'm halfway through The Cursing! Last week I finally reached 50k and I got to the second part. Yay! So since I'm on a roll, Night Lies and The Prophecy are being put on the side until I either am done or I've been hit with writer's block for The Cursing. Also, I've come up with a new book idea, its called Wayru. Its historical fiction and has something to do with the Incas. But that's all I'll say for now. I'm not sure where I'll go with it...
  4. I've added a "upcoming books" section which is  a To-Read part on the "Upcoming Posts" section. They're in no order and they're a list of books I'm planning to read. 
  5. I've changed the Schedule again. This time, I'm adding extra Writing Tips on Thursdays instead of Book Reviews because I think we need more writing tips since this is a writer's blog after all. 
  6. I will no longer doing four book reviews a week. I'm focusing more on school, blogging more, and writing more, so I am not able to read as much as I'd like. 
  7. (Again, not really changes, but while I'm talking here) What would you like to see me to a vlog (Video Blog) of? I would make a poll, but I feel I need to hear your opinions instead of what I'd like to do. So what do you think?
So that's really all. I'm not sure how totally important these are, but I thought I'd let you know. Thanks!



  1. These are the two things that come to mind for vlog ideas:

    Read us a snippet of your book

    Instead of writing a post on writing, try vlogging (this would totally depend on the content...grammar-related posts, for instance, probably wouldn't work well in a vlog)

  2. Hey, cool ideas! I didn't think to read parts of my book outloud. That'd be cool. :) And yeah the writing post would depend on the topic. Hm...*thinks*

    Thanks for the input! :D


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