Wednesday, January 18, 2012

National, National...Interesting Facts.

So I saw a recent news broadcast about national holidays in the USA. It answered a good question, what exactly is a national holiday and how many do we have?

So I've decided to share that with you. 

What is a national holiday?
What makes a national holiday one when a national government proclaims a day one. These days are when federal employees get off plus they are very expensive for the government. Most states observe these but all states are allowed to choose how these are celebrated. For example, in one state, you may get school off, but for another you don't. Plus most businesses don't let you have the day off. 

How many is there?
In total, we have 10 national holidays. 
  1. New Year's Day-  January 1
  2. Martin Luther King Day-  third Monday in January
  3. President's Day-  third Monday in February
  4. Memorial Day-  last Monday in May
  5. Independence Day-  July 4
  6. Labor Day-  first Monday in September
  7. Columbus Day-  second Monday in October
  8. Veterans Day-  November 11
  9. Thanksgiving Day-  fourth Thursday in November
  10. Christmas Day-  December 25
Around the World.
In short, most major holidays around the world are the country's founding day/independence day/constitution day. But here are some ones that are not. Note: If I got any wrong, I am very sorry and just let me know and I'll change them right away!
  • Andorra- Our Lady of Meritxell Day (September 8 [1278])
  • Belgium- Ascension to the Throne of King Leopold I (July 21 [1831])
  • Hungry- Saint Stephen's Day (August 20)
  • Ireland- Saint Patrick's Day (March 17)
  • Isle of Man- Tynwald Day (July 5)
  • Japan- Birthday of Emperor Akihito (December 23 [1933])
  • Luxembourg- National Day (Birthday of Grand Duchess Charlotte) (June 23)
  • Morocco- Throne Day (Accession of King Mohamed VI to the throne) (July 30 [1999])
  • Nertherlands- Queen's Day (Birthday of Queen-Mother Juliana and accession to the throne of her oldest daughter Beatrix) (April 30 [1909 & 1980)
  • New Zealand/Niue/Tokelau- Waitangi Day (Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty over New Zealand) (February 6 [1840])
  • Norfolk Island- Bounty Day (commemorates the arrival od Pitcairn Islanders) (June 8 [1856])
  • Oman- Birthday of Sultan Qaboos (November 18 [1940])
  • Thailand- Birthday of King Phumiphon (Bhumibol) (December 5 [1927])

So do you have a favorite holiday? What is it and why?


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